From time to time our customers may wish to end their tenancy with us. During this time we ensure the process is as smooth as possible and we will provide help and support along the way.

To get started, please read our frequently asked questions below about the steps you need to take to end your tenancy.

I have decided to leave my home and end my tenancy with Aspire Housing, what should I do?

Our termination policy requires you to follow a number of steps.

  • You must make sure you have a home to move to before
    ending your tenancy.
  • You must provide at least four weeks written notice to end.
    your tenancy, this will start from the Monday after we receive your notice.
  • You can give us notice by sending us a letter or filling in a Notice to Terminate form.
  • If you have a joint tenancy please be aware that by terminating your interest in the tenancy you are asking Aspire to end the whole of the tenancy (please seek independent legal advice if you are unsure).

In your letter /termination form you must provide;

  • Your name and address
  • A forwarding address
  • Contact phone number
  • Reason for leaving
  • Information about any aids and adaptations in your home

What happens once I have given notice?

We will arrange a convenient time to visit your home. This is so we can check over the property and agree any repairs which might need to be made before you move out. You can also ask us any questions you might have about ending your tenancy.

How should I leave my property?

When you leave you must make sure that the property is left clean, tidy, safe and secure.

All items of furniture, personal effects and any rubbish must be removed from the property and garden. You will be charged if Aspire have to remove of any such items left in the property, garden or outbuildings at the time of expiry of the notice.

What about outstanding rent?

You must make sure that your rent account is clear before your tenancy ends. When you provide us with your written notice we will check and tell you if there is any rent outstanding.

If you think you will have any problems clearing your rent or any arrears on your account it may be possible to arrange a repayment agreement, however you must contact us as soon as possible to avoid any potential legal action to collect outstanding debt.

Outstanding debt will affect your chances of being housed in the future by Aspire Housing and may affect your chances of being housed by any other landlord.

I receive Housing Benefit, how will this affect me?

If you receive Housing Benefit this will stop as soon as you move out. If you move out before you tenancy ends you will personally need to pay rent on the property you have left.

Can I leave the property during my notice period?

You can leave your property during your notice period, however you will still need to pay the rent for the full four week notice period. You will also be responsible for looking after the property, you may be charged for any damage that occurs during this time. You must notify us if you plan to do this.

We may ask your permission to enter the property once you’ve
moved out so we can make sure the property is ready for someone
else to move in.

Can I extend or withdraw my notice?

You can withdraw your notice at any time during your notice period. In certain circumstances you can extend your notice, you will need to continue paying rent until the end of your extended notice period.

Putting your home back on the lettings market

One you have given us your notice we will start the process of finding a new tenant. This will include advertising it on the relevant websites we use. Don’t worry we won’t disclose your address or any information about you; however we might put up a To Rent board outside.

Where do I hand in my keys?

You must return your keys to Aspire Housing by 12 noon on the first Monday after the notice period has ended. If you hand in your keys after 12 noon, you will be charged another full weeks rent.
Keys must be handed in ‘in person’ at our Customer Services Centre in Merrial Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme. We will provide you with a receipt to the keys to confirm they have been received. You may post the keys by recorded delivery only.

How do I end the tenancy for a person that has passed away?

If a person has passed away, you can complete and sign a termination form on their behalf.  You will need to give us 2 weeks notice and send in a copy of the death certificate with the notice form.  We appreciate that this can be a very difficult time so if you need any advice or additional time, please get in touch.