We believe that all of our customers should be able to enjoy their homes and feel safe in their neighbourhoods without fear of any kind.

We are committed to tackling issues relating to antisocial behaviour, harassment and neighbour nuisance and take reports very seriously.

Customers that behave in an anti-social way are breaching their tenancy agreement and are at risk of being evicted from their home.

How to report ASB

You can report anti-social behaviour online using our form below, or simply call us in confidence.

Please report criminal behaviour, including threats or acts of violence, to the Police by calling 999.

Examples of antisocial behaviour include:

  • fights and arguments in the street
  • dog fouling or excessive barking
  • overgrown and untidy gardens, dumped rubbish, lack of care for home
  • theft and other crimes
  • drug and alcohol abuse and drug dealing
  • problems with car parking
  • vandalism and graffiti
  • abusive or threatening behaviour and language
  • loud or frequent noise disturbance
  • bad or thoughtless parking

We utilise a variety of actions to resolve incidents promptly and effectively, often working in conjunction with partners and specialist agencies, our actions may include:

  • written or verbal warnings
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs)
  • professional mediation
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)
  • notice seeking possession
  • professional witnesses
  • eviction
  • specialist in-house solicitor
  • rubbish and graffiti removal

We have signed up to the Government’s ‘Respect Standard’ which highlights our commitment to tackling the underlying causes of antisocial behaviour, intervening early where problems occur and creating a culture of respect in our neighbourhoods.

Report anti-social behaviour

  • Please provide as much detail you can about the anti-social behaviour you are reporting