Our Housing Support and Wellbeing teams support customers to manage issues that impact on their tenancy. Support is provided to Aspire Housing customers and non-customers through Intensive Housing Management funding or self-funding and may include:

  • Financial support; benefit/debt advice and budget management.
  • Tenancy management; new/first tenancy, setting up bills, accessing furnishings, looking after your home, dealing with anti-social behaviour.
  • Addressing health needs; physical or mental health problems, chronic illness, addictions, age related infirmities, dementia and memory issues.
  • Increasing independence and safety; reducing risk, aids and adaptations for the home, safeguarding issues, supporting families involved in child protection.
  • Social needs to reduce isolation; accessing groups/activities, increasing contact with family, building social networks.

The support and advice provided to our customers is built on the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ which are Be Active, Connect, Give, Keep Learning and Take Notice.

We’re training our staff to be Dementia Friends – providing better support and greater awareness for our customers and staff.

Our Community Living accommodation is managed by our Housing Support and Wellbeing team helping people to live as independently as possible.