Starting in April 2015, some working age people in the borough of Newcastle will be able to claim Universal Credit.

Universal Credit is a new government initiative which will reward people who are working and will replace the previous income related benefits such as income based jobseekers allowance, tax credits and housing benefit.

Universal Credit allows you to keep more of your wages before it starts affecting your benefit entitlement. Rather than different benefits being paid on different dates by different departments, the DWP will pay all of income related benefits in one go, monthly into your bank account.

Important – Any benefit payments paid for your rent, previously paid by the council (housing benefit), will be paid to you in this monthly Universal Credit payment. It is therefore very important that you manage this monthly payment affectively and pay your rent on time.

If you are claiming universal credit please visit the Universal Credit website.

If you have any queries you can call 0345 600 0723. Please note the call charges can be high. They will phone you back if you ask them to, to save on the cost of the call:

To claim Universal Credit you will need an email address. If you haven’t got an email address click on any of the links below and sign up


The Money Advice Service has some useful information about basic bank accounts which are also require to claim Universal Credit.