The gritting of Aspire property

Due to the adverse weather conditions there is currently an acute shortage of rock salt

As you may have heard in recent national news bulletins, due to the adverse weather conditions being experienced throughout the United Kingdom there is currently an acute shortage of rock salt – which is commonly used to remove ice from paved areas outside.

Since the cold weather started in mid-December, our grounds maintenance contractor Glendale has been working hard to apply rock salt to 138 sites owned by Aspire Housing – using approximately 2800 bags of rock salt in the process.

Our reserves of rock salt are currently very low, and we anticipate that we may run out if further supplies cannot be sourced this week. At the present time Glendale are doing their best to obtain further supplies by contacting a number of outlets on a daily basis.However, local councils and other statutory bodies are prioritised in order to treat the main roads and motorways.

Your safety is very important to us and we want you to be aware that until new supplies of rock salt are sourced, we may be unable to treat areas that would normally form part of our gritting round in cold weather, such as car parks and communal doorways.

Glendale will resume a normal gritting service as soon as adequate supplies of rock salts are again made available.

In the meantime, while the cold weather persists, please take extra care when moving around outside and if possible try to limit your journeys to those that are essential.