New brand and website launch

We Are Aspire - Housing, Apprenticeships & Support

On Tuesday October 18, Aspire Housing, PM Training and the Realise Foundation will refresh our brand to reflect our future ambitions and define who we are.

Following recent work to develop our new Vision, Values, and Corporate Plan, we’re changing the look and feel of things to fit the new direction.

We are creating a new look across the board, focused on collaborating, uniting and strengthening the businesses.

Our new five year plan includes building 1,500 new homes, giving all young people aged 19-25 access to a job or training, and providing products and services shaped by our customers.

We are committed to improving the quality of customers’ homes, improving our repairs service and delivering value for money.

It’s no coincidence our new vision, ‘Building Better Futures’, is all about looking forward. We know our values have a major influence on our staff and their behaviours and attitudes, and we are positive about our future and yours.

Making this vision central to everything we do is key to creating the right culture among our staff at Aspire Housing, PM Training and the Realise charity.

It’s more than enthusiasm and excitement about our future, it’s the heart of everything we do.

The new branding will be rolled out across the businesses over the coming months, and while the changes are taking place you will see our old and new look side by side.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the look and feel of Aspire Housing’s brand and look out for the new identity cards all our staff will be wearing from now on.

Remember to check the identity card when anyone from Aspire Housing visits your home and if you have any concerns contact our customer services team on 01782 635200 to check.

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