Major improvements proposed for services

Major improvements to the way Aspire Housing provides services to customers are proposed for later this year.

Customers will be offered appointments for routine repairs and will be offered greater flexibility about the time they have work done.

The target time for completing routine repairs will drop from a maximum of 31 days to 25 days and Aspire will pledge to carry out 80 per cent of repairs “right first time”.

The time customers wait for replacement of major items will drop from 20 years for kitchens to 18 years and from 30 to 25 years for bathrooms.

A host of other improvements are proposed to the way Aspire maintains customers’ homes, the way it works with organisations such as the police and councils, and to the way it supports customers in their communities.

The proposed changes are contained in Aspire’s draft “local offers”. These are local versions of national standards that all social housing providers must meet under national standards set down by regulator the Tenant Services Authority.

Aspire has published draft versions of the “local offers” that are currently being scrutinised by customer groups.

The new standards have been drawn up following “the Big Change” consultation over the summer when nearly 1,300 people gave their views about services to Aspire.

It was the biggest ever consultation held by Aspire with its customers and it gave the landlord a wealth of information about the wishes and priorities of local communities.

Steve Meakin MBE, chair of Aspire Housing’s customer panel, said: “Customers have had their say on how they think Aspire’s services should improve.

“We know very clearly now what their priorities are. Aspire is now responding to that feedback by proposing local offers that go well beyond the national minimum standards.

“The proposals also offer major improvements in customer service for the way we carry out repairs by offering routine appointments and extending the time of day Aspire will carry out repairs.

“I am certain customers will see a major difference in the service offered to them.”

The Aspire Housing offers are published in full on the “performance”, pages of this site. or are available by calling 01782 854990, or emailing