Information for sheltered housing customers

Customers who live in Aspire Housing’s sheltered housing are being visited this week (beginning 8 September) and next week (beginning 15 September) to explain changes to their service.

From October Aspire Housing will be making some changes to the way services are provided for sheltered housing customers.

We believe these changes will provide customers with a better service which meets customers’ individual needs and circumstances.

Some of the services you receive as a sheltered housing customer have in the past been partly paid for by Staffordshire County Council.

The Council has decided to reduce the money it provides to housing, care and support organisations from its “Supporting People” budget.

Without full funding for the support services Aspire Housing has had to think carefully about how to ensure sheltered housing customers can continue to receive at least the same level of service.

In fact we believe we can provide a better service that meets customers’ individual circumstances.

So we have made some changes in the way we provide the service. Customers will receive the same high quality service, but it will be provided in a different way.

Download the leaflet to read more about the changes.