Helping a homeless charity

At Aspire Housing and PM Training we have strong links with a vulnerable and homeless people’s charity, House of Bread.

The organisation offers home cooked meals, friendship, support and a safe place for people in times of crisis, in Stafford and surrounding areas.

More than 30 Aspire colleagues have volunteered to bake bread at the charity during National Volunteer Week 2016, and we recently donated 100 old mugs to be used for soup and hot drinks.

Last year Aspire’s money advice team, saved 67 customers from homelessness by helping them manage their tenancies, household bills, problem debts and benefits.

William Morris, director of House of Bread in Stafford, said: “The stereotype of a homeless person is an old man, but we’re seeing a lot more women, sofa surfers, and younger people. And a lot of people suffering from social isolation and mental health issues.

“People dealing with chaos in their lives feel panic, confusion and low self-esteem. They are not able to make rational decisions. We try to give them back that self-respect and help them make the right choices.

“Aspire’s generosity is really appreciated, it shows you care about vulnerable and homeless people. Thanks to the donation of these mugs, we can be generous in return and allow people to take their mug and hot drink with them if they want to.”