Gone fishing…thanks to Aspire Housing

Young people in Crackley aren’t bored during the summer holidays, thanks to Aspire Housing providing them with equipment they need for fishing.

youngsters enjoying the fishing at CudmoreAspire Housing has provided the money via its Realise Foundation charity to establish a fishing programme along with Crackley Community Residents’ Association who will loan the equipment to youngsters in the area from their newly-formed community centre.

The programme forms part of Aspire Housing’s neighbourhood plan to improve Crackley following consultation with the local community.

Aspire Housing rents 517 houses in Crackley and is developing an action plan with residents and partners to ensure that key local services are in place.

On Monday 8 August a number of youngsters, aged between 6 to 16 will be starting the fishing programme between 12 noon and 4pm at Cudmore Fisheries in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The programme is a result of youngsters saying they were bored and needed something to do, with fishing proving popular for both girls and boys. Aspire Housing hopes that the fishing programme will assist in positive engagement, giving young people the chance to learn new skills instead.

One 14-year-old said: “We need something to do, as there’s nothing to do around here – fishing keeps us out of trouble and we want to go on different waters.”

We would like to thank Melvyn Kearns and Craig Bishop from the Residents’ Association for coming up with this idea. Crackley Residents’ Association would like to thank Mr Brewster for the free use of his pool. It is just amazing how charitable people can be in these hard times.

Martin’s Tackle shop in Silverdale provided the equipment for Aspire, Cudmore Fisheries has provided a free venue and PM Training have made a minibus available to transport the fishing fans.

Caroline Baggaley, Aspire’s Head of Housing, said: “We have listened to the local community and both young and old people in Crackley were concerned about the lack of opportunities for young people. Fishing is clearly something that young people want to pursue.

“This is just the start of what Aspire can do to help the community to deal with the local issues and concerns that it identifies as part of the neighbourhood plan.”