Digital TV Switchover

We have been looking forward to the digital TV switchover for a couple of years and have invested resources into upgrading our communal aerials on our blocks of flats to have digital capability.

Parts of our stock area to the north of Newcastle-under-Lyme have already switched over to Digital, but the main switchover starts today with the Sutton Coldfield and Fenton analogue signals being shut down permanently.

To ensure you can continue to view without experiencing any difficulties then you need to have a freeview box, freesat box, sky/Virgin box or integrated digital TV tuner, as this is crucial to receiving the signal in the first place. You may also need to retune your TV if you were already receiving a digital signal prior to switchover.

If this does not resolve the issue any customers living in stand alone houses the Government Helpline number is 0800 40 85 910.

If any problems persist specifically in relation to blocks of flats or sheltered schemes we can take a look at the communal aerials if you call us on 01782 635200.