CareCall celebrates 25 years of helping people lead independent lives

Aspire Housing’s CareCall service is celebrating 25 years of helping vulnerable customers lead independent lives.

CareCall provides a monitoring service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The system allows CareCall to be there for customers at 'the touch of a button', giving them greater independence, reassurance, security and peace of mind.

It is especially popular with older people, vulnerable people, disabled people and carers and is not just limited to Aspire Housing customers.

War veteran Isaac Pattison, 90, has faced many battles in his life and survived them all. However, the challenge of losing an independent way of life was altogether different.

“I will never forget the D-Day landing,” says Isaac. “I landed on Gold Beach by Landing Ships Tanks and we were supposed to put a bridge across the Horn of Caen. But things went wrong and the Americans did a daylight bomber raid.

“We moved on and one of the most horrific memories I have is when we came across Belsen concentration camp and found bodies piled high with bodies – men, women and children. It was the size of a football pitch – the smell was unforgettable.”

Following the war Isaac worked at Michelin tyre company until his retirement.

“I’ve lived in a flat at Hart Court, Newcastle town centre, since 1975. I was married in 1942 to Mary and we had 64 wonderful years together. But she died a few years ago and I live on my own now and want to stay here.”

Aspire’s Independent Living Team advised Isaac to use CareCall. It did make a difference.

“I had a fall about two months ago,” said Isaac. “Without my CareCall pendant I don’t know how long I would have been lying there.  It is an excellent service. I have independence here.”
Wayne Hughes, managing director of Aspire Housing, said: “Carecall has made a huge difference to people’s lives over the last 25 years. It gives you independence rather than taking it away. It is also free for those claiming housing benefit.”

The service is widely available irrespective of whether customers live in Aspire Housing property, private rental or if they own their own home.