Bogus Aspire caller

The police have informed us that they received a call from someone living in the Dunkirk Court area of Newcastle. It appears that someone posing as an Aspire member of staff has tricked their way into the customer's property and taken cash from the premises. The man arrived with paperwork and explained that he was there to look to install an alarm to the property and needed to look around, etc.

The police have a description/forensics and are investigating but are keen to know if any other customers are being targeted. The police also state that they think that the bogus caller or someone working with him may have struck up a conversation with the victim in the town centre and then followed them home.

Please let us know if you see anything suspicious and always check the identity of any callers. Aspire employees will show you their ID badge, so do not let anyone in until you are satisfied that they are a genuine Aspire employee.

Please ring 01782 635200 if you have any queries.