Aspire’s chief executive to chair housing forum

Sinead Butters, Chief Executive of the Aspire Group, has been appointed Chair of the North Area Social Housing Forum (NASHF).

Sinead ButtersThe organisation consists of social landlords in North Staffordshire, along with key partners such as RENEW North Staffordshire, local authorities and the National Housing Federation.

It aims to share best practice between housing associations and promotes collaborative working to improve the services offered to residents in the area.

Sinead, a highly regarded housing professional, brings a wealth of experience to the forum. She is keen to share her experience of tackling worklessness, and her knowledge of how lifelong learning can help build sustainable communities.

She will play a valuable role in steering NASHF’s strategic direction in the year ahead.

“As an existing member of the North Area Social Housing Forum, I am really excited to be stepping up as Chair,” said Sinead.

“The North Staffordshire housing market has specific challenges. By working together more effectively we can ensure our customers get the best possible service and make a lasting positive impact on local communities.”

Sinead, who was appointed Chief Executive of the Aspire Group in October 2006, added: “The challenges facing social landlords have never been more complex and demanding.

“Over the coming years every landlord will need to play its part if we are to meet the expectations of government, stakeholders, and above all, the communities we serve.

“By challenging the way we work and collaborating effectively, not only will we impact on the North Area, but we will also help each other to meet our strategic objectives and strengthen our performance in the long term.”