Aspire shows how homes can be affordable in National Shared Ownership Week

You are invited to attend an Open Day event at 10am on Friday 22 March at The Orchard, just off Beasley Avenue, Chesterton, ST5 7GB.
Shared ownership is when buyers purchase an initial 50% share in a property and pay rent on the rest to help them get on the property ladder.
Divorcee Debbie Ainsworth, 47, has never looked back since moving into her new home at Heritage Park, Silverdale. “Because I had some money from the sale of my old home, I wasn’t able to go on the social housing register. But I didn’t want to rent privately as it is just money being thrown away. The shared ownership option really is the best solution for me as I had some equity. I love my new home – it’s my castle.”
Throughout the week, the public is welcome to attend the following events:
Sunday 17 March – 11am-4pm: Kidsgrove Athletic FC Club, Hollinwood Road, Kidsgrove ST7 1BQ
Monday 18 March – 1pm-4pm: Guildhall, Newcastle town centre
Tuesday 19 March – 10am – 2pm: Aspire Housing, Merrial Street
Wednesday 20 March – 10am-1pm: Hanley EC Building Society
Thursday 21 March – 10am-1pm: Blurton Community Hub
Friday 22 March –10am – 3pm: The Orchard Open Day, just off Beasley Avenue, Chesterton, ST5 7G
Also 9.30am -1.30pm: Newcastle library
Saturday 23 March – 10am-2pm: Heritage Park Open Day
Sunday 24 March – 10am-2pm The Orchard Open Day, just off Beasley Avenue, Chesterton, ST5 7G.
Wayne Hughes, managing director of Aspire Housing, said: “Aspire Housing is committed to provide high quality affordable homes for communities across Newcastle and Stoke-on-Trent. We hope that residents will realise that buying their own home can be affordable under the shared ownership scheme.”