Aspire installs renewable heating systems in remote areas

Aspire Housing customers will benefit from reduced heating bills thanks to the installation of an environmentally-friendly heating programme.

Aspire Housing has secured £200,000 to install ground source heating systems to properties in Ashley.

Ground source heat pumps use pipes which are buried in the garden to extract heat from the ground to keep homes warm. This programme is being been funded by the Energy Saving Trust, Aspire Housing and by Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) programme 

This programme will complement the air source heat pump programme undertaken in March 2012 and the solar panel programme carried out in July.

These renewable technologies will not only save customers money on their bills but also considerably reduce carbon emissions. Aspire has invested over £1.8m in renewable technologies during the past 12 months which have reduced carbon emission by over 300 tonnes per year across its property stock.  

The ground source heat pumps are being installed as part of a programme to extend the lifetime of Aspire Housing’s non-traditional Airey properties for another generation.

Wayne Hughes, managing director of Aspire Housing, said: “The work will further improve the thermal efficiency of this small number of hard-to-treat properties, and, crucially, will save our customers money. This is welcome at a time when rising energy costs are a real concern for households across the country.”