Aspire helps 880 residents to beat the Bedroom Tax

From April, if residents live in a social housing home and have one or more ‘spare’ bedrooms, their housing benefit may be reduced.
Aspire Housing carried out a welfare reforms roadshow last summer to assess who may be affected and to provide support on the options available. This means that Aspire’s customers are now prepared for the Bedroom Tax with the following outcome:

  • 65% of customers have decided to stay and pay
  • 1% of customers would like to take in a lodger
  • 12% of customers have asked for support in finding work
  • 22% of customers want to move to a smaller home.
  • 759 customers have also been contacted and reassured they won’t be affected

Aspire Housing is now visiting 30 customers who haven’t yet responded, to assess if they are affected by the Bedroom Tax.
Wayne Hughes, managing director of Aspire Housing, said: “The Bedroom Tax is going to have a huge impact on social housing customers throughout the UK, not just in Staffordshire. This is why we wanted to visit the customers we believed would be affected as soon as possible, to provide them with our full support on the best options available to them.
“For anyone who hasn’t yet spoken to us and is worried by the reforms, please contact us on 01782 635200 – it’s still not too late to do something about it.”
Visit to view a really useful video which explains the welfare reforms.