Annual report and value for money statement

Did you know?

• We carried out 37,000 repairs last year

• 94% of repairs were made by appointment

• 408 new energy efficient boilers were fitted in Aspire homes

• We dealt with 143,130 phone calls and 35,314 face to face enquiries

• We dealt with 650 cases of antisocial behaviour

• We brought in more than £3m government funding to build new homes

These are all facts and figures from our annual report to customers, now available here on our website. 

Did you also know?

• We saved £534,000 in 2013/14 and secured £825,000 in additional funding to improve services to customers and communities

• We saved £177,000 through procurement of contracts

• We disposed of 5 sites for £164,000 in total and disposed of six properties for a total of £410,000 – using the money to reinvest in building new homes

• We have also helped 83 customers into work, we ensure 10% of our workforce are apprentices and we have provided a training guarantee to all customers aged under 24.

These are figures from our annual Value for Money statement, now available here on our website. 

We've also published our annual accounts, available on the Aspire Group Website.

The annual report will be sent by hard copy to customers in late October with News n Views.