There are many ways you can contact us. To save yourself the hassle of a phone call, please have a look at our frequently asked questions below to see if you can resolve your query online.

You can report a repair by phone, email, Facebook, online form,  through Your Account, or in person at our Merrial Street Offices.

If your repair is an emergency you should call us on 01782 635 200.

Your tenancy reference number will be on any correspondence that we send to you for example your rent statement.

There are 4 weeks each year where we do not add a rent charge to your rent account.

These are the last 2 weeks in December and the last 2 weeks in March.

Aspire Housing have a number of commercial premises where we arrange the litter removal, window cleaning and bin collection for these areas.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council are responsible for bin collections across the borough.  You can find out more about their collection services on their website.

Sometimes condensation can be the cause of black mould that looks like damp.  Moisture in the air, hits cold surfaces and causes water to pool and black mould can form if it isn’t removed.  There are things that you can do.

If the black mould that is in your home is at ground level or in a place where it could be the result of a leak – our repairs team need to take a look –Please report it as a repair.

Condensation Leaflet and Advice

A guide to condensation in your home. PDF 3mb (opens in new window)

Sometimes speaking to a neighbour about something that causes you concern can solve the problem.

Many people would prefer a conversation with their neighbour to receiving potential action from their landlord – and good neighbourhoods thrive through talking.

However, we are committed to tackling issues relating to anti-social behaviour, harassment and neighbourhood nuisance, so if you need to talk to us, you can expect us to keep your report confidential.

We will ask for as much information as you can give so that we can fully investigate.

Contact us to speak with your neighbourhood co-ordinator, or report anti-social behaviour here.

If you live in an Aspire Housing property with a garden you are responsible for maintaining this.  If it is not possible for you to do this and there is no one that can help you, please contact your neighbourhood officer.

There are various way for you to pay your rent. Find all of your payment options here, or login to Your Account to pay online.

You can receive rent balances, make payments and get updates about your repair appointments through our text service.  You can opt in by texting “opt in” to 07539 450 450

If you are not registered already, it’s easy to do.
• log onto Your Account, make sure your mobile number is listed and send us a message to request receiving your balance by text

• text “opt in” to 07539 450 450. We’ll call you back and set you up

• ring 01782 635200 and we’ll set you up

• email with your mobile number and we’ll set you up

• calling into our customer service centre in Merrial Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme

We carry out Home Condition Surveys on all our homes, every 5 years.  The information that we gather, helps us to decide what improvements we will programme in for the next 5 years. Find out more about the surveys here

If an improvement is planned for your home, we will contact you to let you know.  You can find out about some of the improvements that we carry out on our planned improvements page.

We offer 4 different types of appointment


Morning appointment:                                7:30am – 12midday

Afternoon appointment:                        12midday – 5pm

All day appointment:                                   7:30am – 5pm

Avoid the school run appointment:              10:30 – 2:30


If the work that we need to carry our is extensive, we may need to programme it in.  In this case we have a target of completing all programmed work within 90 days.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, simply contact us using one of the methods below.

Aspire Housing
43-45 Merrial Street,

Opening times

Monday9am - 2pm
Wednesday9am - 2pm
Friday9am - 2pm

By telephone: 01782 635200

Out of Hours contact details:

Emergency Housing Advice : 01782 615599
Emergency repairs : 01782 635200

Pnone lines opening times

Monday8am - 5pm
Tuesday8am - 5pm
Wednesday8am - 5pm
Thursday8am - 8:45am then 11am - 5pm
Friday8am - 5pm

Aspire Housing
The Brampton

Our customer service team monitors our social media pages during business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, 9am to 12noon Saturday) and aims to respond to all queries within 24 working hours.

We encourage our customers to leave comments, photos and videos on our social media pages.

Material posted by customers on our social media pages does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Aspire Group and it’s member companies and employees.

We will review and remove any posts that bully, intimidate, or harass others; are hateful, threatening or pornographic; incite or contain violence or nudity; are unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory.

Media / Press enquiries

For all media enquiries please call 01782 854903 or email Ciara Jagger, Communications Coordinator


We encourage customers to let us know what they think of our services so that we can recognise the things that we do well and try to put right and learn from things that we don’t do well.

Feedback can be given to us in many different ways and come in many different forms:

• Comments – comments are usually suggestions about how we can make our services better.

• Compliments – Compliments are usually received when customers are very happy with the service we have provided or when we have gone the extra mile. If you feel that you have received outstanding service from us, please let us know.

• Complaints – when you are not satisfied with the quality of a service you have received or something we have failed to do. Complaints can be received from individual customers or groups.

How to give us feedback

You can give us feedback now online, please click here to fill in the form. You can also give us feedback to any member of staff in person, or by calling 01782 635200.

Quick Fix – We aim to resolve your complaint quickly by giving you the information that you need or taking action to put things right. If we can resolve your complaint as a quick fix we will do this within two working days.

Formal Complaint – When negative feedback requires a more detailed investigation and a written response this will be dealt with by a service manager. These complaints will usually be addressed within five working days however when this is not possible the manager will agree a response date with you.

Appeal – If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint you must log an appeal within 14 days of receiving your written response.  A head of service will investigate all appeals.

Contact that will not usually be considered as a complaint includes:

• An initial request for action or a service, such as a repair request. This would only become a complaint if we did not deal with this effectively and efficiently.

• Anti-social behaviour and other neighbour issues; the Neighbourhood Team have procedures to deal with this.

What can I expect as a result?

It is likely that you can expect one or more of the following:

• An apology if we got it wrong

• An indication of what we will do to put something right

• A commitment to review how we do things

• An explanation as to why a complaint cannot be upheld

  • Your tenancy reference number can be found on any correspondence we send you, such as rent statements